ACNC Registered Charity TickWe Appreciate Your Support

Your tax deductible donation to Diversity South will help make a difference to those in our community by helping to fund our accommodation, alternatives to employment and intensive family support programs.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. A donation receipt will be issued for all donations.

The easiest way to donate to Diversity South is to phone one of our friendly staff on 08 9582 6105 or by using the details below:

Direct Debit
BSB: 036 157
Account Number: 159 022
Bank: Westpac Mandurah

You can make a donation by sending us a cheque or money order, or simply addressing your envelope to:

Diversity South, PO Box 2057  MANDURAH DC  WA  6210
90 Anstruther Road MANDURAH WA 6210

Consider donating regularly by credit card or direct debit

By making a regular tax-deductible donation using your credit card or direct debit from your bank account, you can help us keep donation process costs to a minimum. To further assist you can request one annual receipt. Regular giving also assists us in effectively planning our future, ensuring greater certainty for critical programs.

Email and we will send you the correct form to process this regular donation to the work of Diversity South.

Celebrations and Gifts

Many people nominate Diversity South as the recipient of a donation in lieu of giving or receiving gifts. Simply forward your tax-deductible donation with full details of the occasion to us, and the recipient will receive an acknowledgement card passing on your kind message for their special day. Naturally, the amount of the gift is not stated unless particularly requested.

Payroll Gifting

Talk to your employer and ask for a payroll deduction to be arranged from your salary direct to Diversity South. Some generous employers have matched employee contributions – if you discuss this idea with your boss you may be pleasantly surprised! Email for more information.

Philanthropic or Foundation Grants

You can support the work of Diversity South by making a tax-deductible donation nominating your funds as a grant and dedicating it to a particular Community Living program or project.