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We aim to empower people with disabilities, fostering a supportive community where everyone can thrive and enjoy fulfilling relationships.

A lady at an office desk, she is looking at a laptop computer and smiling.


We do our work based on your individual wants and needs. We exercise diligence, accountability and professionalism to provide contemporary quality support.


By actively involving family members, the Diversity South aims to create a strong sense of partnership, ensuring that families feel connected, supported, and an integral part of their loved ones’ lives.

Young male with disability standing amongst family and support workers at a barbecue.
A man and a woman embracing and smiling at the camera.


We understand that friendships provide companionship, support, and a sense of belonging, which can greatly enhance social integration and mental well-being.


By embracing diversity and promoting the active inclusion of people with disabilities, the community becomes a place where everyone’s strengths and abilities are celebrated, resulting in a more cohesive, supportive, and enriched society for all.

A selfie of a young woman and an older woman in a bumper cart.

I am a support worker for Diversity South, supporting people with disabilities with their everyday needs, reaching their goals, and accessing the community. I really enjoy seeing the people I support getting excited about going out – the smiles on their faces make it all worth it. Diversity South supports people with disabilities in making their own choices and decisions in their everyday life and how we can best support them.

Becky, Support worker

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