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Vision & Values

Our Vision

People with disability in the Peel and surrounding regions lead the life they choose.

Our Purpose

To provide quality and safe services that make a positive difference and support people with disability to:

  • have a good life and lead the life of their choice;
  • understand their rights and make informed decisions; and
  • have opportunity for meaningful participation as valued members of their community.

Our Values


People are at the centre of everything we do. We promote wellbeing, having fun and a sense of belonging where people are accepted and valued. 


We champion diversity, equity, inclusion and people’s access to equal opportunity. Being open to differing per


Being part of a team is important to us and we can achieve more through co-creation, collaboration and teamwork. We know that our best work comes by supporting each other every day.


We are committed to being honest, professional and trustworthy in our relationships and everything we do. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Pursue Excellence

We strive for excellence and achieving great things and thrive on change as we grab opportunities to continuously improve, grow and learn. What we do, we do well.

Our principles

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