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Home and living services

We support people to live in their local community, often with other people with disability who also need support.  Assistance for personal tasks in the home aims to help you achieve the life you would like to lead. This comprehensive support is tailored to suit each person and encompasses various aspects such as meal preparation, round-the-clock personal care for activities like showering and dressing, assistance with cleaning and laundry, as well as the development of everyday living, social, and communication skills.

By providing these services and being involved in decisions that impact your life, you are supported to lead a more fulfilling life while ensuring that your daily needs are met. Whether it’s cooking nutritious meals, assisting with personal care, managing household tasks, or improving your ability to live a happy and fun life in a place where you can feel you belong and can connect with others to thrive in all aspects of life is what we aim to do.

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