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Making my own choices

Garrick's story

My name is Garrick. I am 39 years old, and I share a home with three other guys in Dudley Park through Diversity South. I moved here from another home with Diversity South four months ago. I like this home because it is very quiet, and I get to live with my old mate Rodney.

I work three days per week with Work Power at Garden Island, where I have been employed for the past fourteen years. I am a Safety Officer at Work Power, an important job. On my days off during the week, I go to lunch and play pool at the Hall Head Tavern, where I am supported by Jane from Chorus, and I also attend TAFE, where I improve my computer skills. I am also the Co-Chairperson of the Diversity South Advisory Group, which I enjoy very much. I enjoy playing pool, doing jigsaw puzzles, cooking, painting and beading. In 2011 I participated in swimming events at the Special Olympic World Games in Greece. I won a Gold Medal in the 200m backstroke and a Bronze Medal in the 200m freestyle.

I like Diversity South because I am a very independent person, and I am always encouraged to be independent and make my own choices about my life.

(Garrick S)

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